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Callanish3D Data Packages

Callanish3D is available for download in different data packages

Callanish3D for Stellarium

Stellarium is an Open Source planetarium for your computer. Callanish3D for Stellarium is a data package that can be used via Stellarium's "plugin" functionality. Callanish3D for Stellarium
is made available via Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

If you have issues with installation of Callanish3D, please consult the Contact Us/Help page.
As this project is the first Stellarium project to use public 3D data, there are a few rough edges!


Download and Install Stellarium

If you do not already have Stellarium 1.2, or higher, installed, head to and download it for your platform. Once downloaded, install Stellarium as per its instructions. Download the Stellarium User Guide as well!

Once installed, launch Stellarium. It is worth having a quick read of Chapters 2 and 3 of the Stellarium User Guide to understand how to navigate and how to access the menu bars (especially section 3.3) before continuing with the installation.

Enable the 3D Sceneries Plugin

In Stellarium, press F2 to display the Configuration dialog. If this doesn't work, consult chapter 4 of the Stellarium User Guide.

Select the "Plug-ins" tab then select the "3D Sceneries" plugin from the list. Check the "Load at Startup" checkbox.

Quit Stellarium (either use the menu bar icon, Ctrl-Q or Cmd-Q)

Download and Install Callanish3D for Stellarium

Download the Callanish3D for Stellarium installer suitable for your platform or download a platform-indepdendent ZIP file which requires self-installation.

The installers are currently not digitally signed and might raise warnings when downloading. If you are not comfortable with this, please download the ZIP file and inspect its contents. This will require manual installation as explained in the INSTALL.txt file contained within the ZIP download.


Callanish3D for Stellarium for macOS (38Mb, V1.0, 2Feb2023)

The macOS installer will warn this is an application downloaded from the Internet. You will need to allow it after running it by opening System Preferences > Privacy & Security > scroll down to Security and click "Open it Anyway". This installer will prompt for your password. This is only used to let the installation proceed and is not used or stored by Callanish3D.

Run the Installer following the on-screen instructions.


Callanish3D for Stellarium for Windows (22Mb, V1.0, 2Feb2023)

The Windows installer will warn this is an application downloaded from the Internet. If you choose to run the installer, follow the onscreen instructions and select the default settings.

Platform-agnostic ZIP File

Callanish3D for Stellarium ZIP File (22Mb, V1.0, 2Feb2023)

Please read the INSTALL.txt file within the ZIP archive.

Enable Callanish3D for Stellarium

Once installed, restart Stellarium. Open the Configuration dialog with F2, select the "Plug-ins" tab, then "3D Sceneries". Click the "Configure" button in the bottom-right corner of the dialog window.

A list should appear containing at least three sceneries, "Callanish I" being on that list (along with "Testscene" and "Vienna Sterngarten"). Click on "Callanish I". If you don't see Callanish I, you have likely installed files in the wrong location. Please check this is correct especially if you installed from a ZIP file.

A dialog saying "Loading model" should appear in the bottom-right corner of the Stellarium window. You can use these settings to configure various Callanish-specific render quality settings (such as torch power and range!). You should also check the "Set as default scene" checkbox if you want to avoid repeating these steps after restarting Stellarium

Navigate Callanish in 3D!

If you haven't used Stellarium before, it's worth reading the Stellarium User Guide to understand how to walk about the site, look around and adjust the time options of the sky. There are a myriad of cool options and features to play with. 

As a first quickstart, the cursor keys will let you look around and Ctrl/Alt/Option+cursor keys will walk you around. Hold down shift as well to move faster.

There are also some viewpoints configured for the major lunar standstill events available through the "Show Viewpoint Dialog" (on the bottom menu bar or Ctrl+Alt+W on Linux/Windows, Cmd-Option-W on Mac)


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Callanish3D Raw Data

The raw 3D scan data of the Callanish I survey is available
on request from the Archaeoptics Archive

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