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About Us

The Callanish3D project is jointly run by Archaeoptics Ltd, the Callanish Blackhouse Tearoom, Victor Reijs and Georg Zotti. The 3D laser scans were undertaken in 2005 commissioned by the Callanish Blackhouse Tearoom. Conversion into an accurate model for use in Stellarium was done in 2022/2023 by Archaeoptics, Victor Reijs and Georg Zotti.

The Team


Archaeoptics was the first 3D laser scanning service specialising in Cultural Heritage and pioneered the use of scanners in archaeology. Operating primarily between 2000 - 2006AD, Archaeoptics scanned over 500 heritage objects and monuments worldwide including Callanish, Stonehenge, the Mary Rose, Cutty Sark and St. Paul's Cathedral. Archaeoptics now offer 3D consultancy services and 2D/3D data archival services and recently published their entire historic archive of 3D scan data.

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Callanish Blackhouse Tearoom
Callanish Blackhouse Tearoom and Emma Rennie

Emma Rennie is a South African born 3d Graphic Artist and Photographer. She lives on the Isle of Lewis,Scotland out near the Callanish Standing stones and owns the ruin of a Blackhouse (traditional stone, thatched island home) adjacent to the main site at Callanish. It is currently being prepared for restoration -

Over the years, she has become a skilled photographer of the moon, the stones, stars, aurora, zodiacal light, moonbows and so much more. Her work can be seen at

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Victor Reijs
Victor Reijs

Victor Reijs got his interest in archaeocosmology/archaeoastronomy due to visiting the passage mounds of Newgrange and Knowth, where art and astronomy seems to be interlinked. He got hooked in trying to interpret these Neolithic art expressions and monuments. In 2016 he achieved an MA in Cultural Astrology and Astronomy.

Broadcastings, over the Internet, of the setting Sun/Moon were performed at Maeshowe (Orkney, Scotland from 1998 to 2018) and Callanish (Lewis, Scotland between 2005 and 2006).

The general principles behind the lunar standstill limit events are explained further in:

Georg Zotti
Georg Zotti

Georg Zotti became interested in astronomy in primary school. Later he was assistant, then guide at Vienna Urania public observatory. Technical interest led to studies (PhD; TU Wien) in computer sciences and astronomy (BSc equivalent; University of Vienna). His astronomical interest developed into interest for the history of astronomy and the historical connections of astronomy and civilisation, i.e., Cultural Astronomy. Since 2010 Georg is co-developer of Stellarium

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